Australian Anti Ice Campaign

Australian Anti Ice Campaign

As our name implies, AAIC campaigns heavily to stop the use of Ice... before it even starts. Our devoted team of ‘reformed’ Ice users, spell-out the devastating, life destroying consequences of using ICE, in school, sports club and workplace workshop presentations. This insidious drug is killing, stealing and destroying far too many beautiful people in our society.

ICE is extremely hard to kick, so concerning the use of ICE, we are emphatic... “NOT EVEN ONCE.” With genuine empathy, commitment and hard-hitting workshops we WILL reduce the use of ICE and help users break their habit, through our unique Buddies program.

Our Education Workshop Presenters fill a dual role of Lived Experience Buddies. In this role they provide support and pathways into Rehab for people contemplating giving up Ice, and to also be there for these people to support them in their journey to re-integrate into society when they come out of Rehab.

Our aim is to establish paid Administration Staff and teams of Education Workshop Presenters / Buddies in each State an Territory. With this objective achieved, we will then seek to expand to implement other AAIC programs as detailed under the "About Us - National Ice Action Strategy" tab on this website.

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Australian Anti Ice Campaign
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Australian Anti Ice Campaign
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