The Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) was formed by Andre’a Simmons in order to raise awareness and educate the public, in particular our youth, as to the incredible dangers of the drug Ice, or Crystal Methamphetamine. The core message is “Not Even Once”. The core objective is “Putting the Freeze on Ice”.

The AAIC National Ice Action Strategy does not seek to duplicate services, where those services already exist. Rather, it is designed to fit in with and complement existing Ice, other drugs and mental health initiatives and programs across Australia.

National Launch of the AAIC Army

A National Media launch of the AAIC Army will be staged in November 2017, commencing with a feature story on A Current Affair who will be filming and reporting on our In School Education Workshop Program.

AAIC Army Membership

The AAIC has designed a Community Funding Model whereby we seek small monthly donations from all Australian individuals and businesses to fund the national implementation of the range of programs which make up our National Ice Action Strategy.

Individual Supporters will be connected with our Business Partners through an AAIC ARMY Business Directory which contains a “Keyword” and “Location” search function.  

Individuals can join the AAIC Army for as little as $2 a month and businesses can join for as little as $10 a month – whatever is affordable. In addition to providing financial support, AAIC Army members will act as AAIC Community Ambassadors to assist AAIC promote the “Not Even Once” message.

All AAIC Community Ambassadors receive an AAIC Army Manual which will give them vital knowledge about Ice for them to pass on to their children, family and friends.


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