The Australian Anti Ice Campaign is calling on all Australian individuals and businesses to join the AAIC Army to allow us to deliver a radical awakening to the community and in particular to our youth, as to the incredible dangers of trying Ice, even once.

There are three categories of AAIC Army membership, namely:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses or organisations, and;
  • Celebrities.

AAIC Community Ambassadors

Individuals – people who contribute a small donation of anything from $2 a month or alternatively, a once off donation. These individuals become AAIC Community Ambassadors and will be provided with information to educate themselves and their loved ones in relation to the dangers of trying Ice.

Please CLICK HERE to view more details, and become a AAIC Community Ambassador.

 AAIC Business Partners

Businesses – who can contribute a once off donation of between $500 and $5,000, or for those who can’t afford this, a small donation of anything from $10 a month. These businesses become AAIC Business Partners, and their products and services are made available to our individual supporters through an AAIC Business Directory.

 Please CLICK HERE  to view more details, and become a AAIC Business Partner.

AAIC Celebrity Ambassadors

Celebrities – retired or current sports stars or public figures from all walks of life. These AAIC Public Ambassadors provide their voice to the “Not Even Once” message and commit to attend at least one AAIC school or club event per year.

Please CLICK HERE to view more details, and become a AAIC Celebrity Ambassadors.



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