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These 60 minute interactive workshops deliver:

  • the short and long term effects associated with Ice use,

  • the danger and toxicity of the ingredients in Ice,

  • the mechanism of Ice addiction,

  • the effects on the brain, body, relationships and community,

  • the risks of trying Ice even once,

  • how to communicate the risks of Ice to their peers and to take action to prevent use.

The Meth/Ice Prevention Workshop Lesson Employs 4 Central Instructional Strategies:

  1.  "What Do You Know" Worksheet: Six statements to engage students/public and get them to think about what they know about ICE. 
  2.  Interactive Content: Interactive facts, personal stories and videos to present information from a variety of perspectives.
  3.  Discussion Questions: Open-ended and specific questions spur discussion.
  4.  Peer Engagement and Advocacy: Exercises designed to equip community and or students with information and tools to take action and influence their peers.

To further discuss the lesson or to make a booking for a presentation please contact AAIC.

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