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AAIC has been developing and working on an education awareness and early intervention model which is now ready to be launched into communities throughout Australia.

The education lessons AAIC presents have been successful in 8 states in the USA, dramatically reducing ICE use by up to 80 percent. The principle of course is ‘Prevention is better than cure’. AAIC have been working in conjunction with the Partnership for Drug Free Kids to create a model that is relevant for Australian culture and context.

AAIC offers communities, tools and resources to respond to ICE and other drugs, by incorporating a Community Development approach in providing school based drug education, (grades 7-12), community awareness, education and resources via public community forums with Dual Diagnosis Training to empower communities to develop sustainable interventions to deliver brief and early interventions and family support.

Through a comprehensive and interactive presentation, AAIC will enable you to be informed of the dangers and consequences associated with ICE use. We provide In-school Education programs as well as Community Forums to expose this highly destructive and addictive drug. Along with this program, AAIC offers connection with a large support network of counsellors, rehabilitation facilities and family support groups within your local community.


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