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AAIC National Ice Action Strategy

The Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) was formed by Andre’a Simmons in order to raise awareness and educate the public as to the incredible dangers of the drug Ice, or Crystal Methamphetamine. The core message is “Not Even Once”. The core objective is “Putting the Freeze on Ice”.

The AAIC awareness and education program is largely based on The Meth Project, which has been run in eight states of the United States over the past ten years and has had a significant impact in those states in terms of reducing the number of people, particularly young people, using Meth, and in terms of reducing the crime associated with meth use.

The AAIC National Ice Action Strategy does not seek to duplicate services, where those services exist. Rather, it is designed to fit in with and complement existing Ice, other drugs and mental health initiatives and programs in each region across Australia.

The AAIC’s Organisational Structure, and planned expansion of that structure, seeks to establish a teams of paid employees in each state and territory, with each team managing small teams of volunteers in each of the 560 local government areas across Australia.

Each of these volunteer teams will form an AAIC Community Ice Action Team (CIAT). Each CIAT will be provided with the tools (standardised project management systems) and support from their State Head Office to implement each of the AAIC’s specific initiatives in each local government area.

While the AAIC acknowledges that alcohol and other drugs cause harm in the community, the focus is clearly on Ice, due to the disproportionate harm it causes as compared to all other drugs.

The various components of the AAIC Ice Action Strategy can be summarised under four separate areas, as follows:

  1. Public Awareness – To inform the general public of the incredible dangers of trying Ice, even once.
  2. Community Forums – To identify and to work in conjunction with existing support services within the particular community.
  3. Education Workshops – Conducted in high schools, sports clubs and workplaces.
  4. Training AAIC Ambassadors in Schools, Clubs and Workplaces – To equip them with the skills and resources to identify someone at risk, to conduct brief and early interventions with these people, and to refer them to available support services.

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