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3. Education Workshops

As with the advertising campaign, the AAIC education workshop has been adopted (and modified) from the Meth Project In-School Education Workshop program. Unlike the Meth Project workshops, which were delivered to the students by their school teachers, the AAIC Education Workshops are delivered by people who have successfully rehabilitated from Ice addiction.

AAIC Workshop Presenters have been clean from drugs for at least twelve months and have undergone Dual Diagnosis Training through our strategic partnership with the Optimal Health Group, and other specific presenter training with the AAIC.

The Workshop Presenters can graphically convey the harsh reality of Ice addiction. They are not a school teacher delivering just another lesson in a long line of drug education lessons. When a student asks “what about my mate who reckons that trying Ice a few times never hurt anyone”, AAIC Education Workshop Presenters are uniquely positioned to break through that peer influence with total honesty from personal experience.

Students receive pocket cards which contain information including the common street names for Ice, and details of available support services in their area.

After the workshop, teachers are left with role play activities to conduct with the students and the framework for students’ participation in and AAIC promoted art competition, with all art pieces featuring the ‘Not Even Once’ theme.

The In-School Education Workshop Program has been tested in Gold Coast High Schools, with exceptional results .

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