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4. AAIC School, Clubs and Workplace Ambassadors

The AAIC has entered into a strategic partnership with Optimal Health Group to provide an online platform for the delivery of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Intervention training to AAIC Ambassadors in Schools, Clubs and Workplaces. These AAIC Ambassadors will be equipped with the skills and resources to enable them to:

  • Identify people within their school, club or workplace community who appear to be at risk or who are actually effected by substance abuse issues.
  • Where this person is willing, to conduct a brief and early intervention to encourage them to make the decision, and to take the first steps to seeking assistance and recovery.
  • Refer these people to support services within their local community.

In communities where Detox and Rehab facilities don’t exist, or where they are stretched beyond their capacity, the AAIC will implement a form of Community Rehab to assist people who want to break a drug addiction but can’t get into any formal Rehab.

AAIC Community Rehab effectively provides people with a tripod of support as they seek to overcome their addiction. The Community Rehab Tripod consists of:

  • Specific Drug and Alcohol Counselling: Utilising existing counselling services in the area and where possible also assisting the person to obtain free sessions provided in each state and territory.
  • Group Therapy: Regular attendance at a groups like AA, NA and CMA are also a critical component of a person’s recovery.
  • A Buddy: This person helps and supports the person seeking to overcome addiction. In the early stages of recovery from heavy Ice use, a person has difficulty undertaking the basic necessities such as getting to Centrelink, Counselling and Group Therapy meetings or making the required applications to register and hopefully ultimately be accepted into a formal rehab program. They often experience anxiety and depression. The Buddy is primarily a friend who is there to provide encouragement and support.

All buddies will have undergone Dual Diagnosis Training (SAMHI) through the Optimal Health Group. Buddies will be volunteers from churches, schools, clubs, gymnasiums and anyone else who is prepared to help someone in need.

In communities where there is a need, the Optimal Health Group will offer an online Family Support Group Service.

While the AAIC Ice Action Strategy does contain elements to assist people who are already using or addicted to Ice, our primary focus is on educating our youth to help stop them from trying Ice in the first place. Figure 1 below is a visual summary of the AAIC Community Ice Action Strategy as outlined above.

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