About Celebrity Ambassadors

The Celebrity Ambassadors component of the AAIC program seeks the support of all retired and current Australian sport stars, entertainers and public figures from all walks of life.

Potential Celebrity Ambassadors should read the AAIC National Ice Action Strategy and be happy to endorse AAIC’s “NOT EVEN ONCE” approach to Ice, particularly in relation to our teenagers, before completing the Registration Form below.

Celebrity Ambassadors commit to:

  • Complete a short video (Example)  encouraging people to help Put the Freeze on Ice by joining the AAIC army, and encouraging their fans and the general community, to say NOT EVEN ONCE, if Ice is ever offered to them.
  • Lend their public voice to the fight to Put the Freeze on Ice by sharing their video on social media.
  • Attend, participate in, and help promote, at least once a year, an AAIC Youth Engagement or Community Event.

If you have a public following and want to be a part of a massive intervention to address the Ice Epidemic gripping our nation and our youth, then please Click Here and  become an AAIC Celebrity Ambassador.


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