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We sincerely thank you for making the decision to become an Ambassador in the AAIC Army.

Our aim is to establish an army of financial supporters who commit to a small Weekly, Monthly
or Annual payment, whatever is affordable to them to help establish and sustain the AAIC

In addition to receiving your financial support, we will email you information in relation to the
incredible dangers of using Ice so that you can be aware of some critical facts to pass on to your
family and friends. In that way you can be a part of the solution by acting as an Ambassador for AAIC
in spreading our Not Even Once message.

Our individual members will also be able to access our business members though a keyword and
location search on the AAIC Business Directory.

All payments to the AAIC Army are processed by GiveNow, an online payment portal for charities.
GiveNow ensures absolute confidentiality and security for any bank or credit card details that you

They also charge no fees to you for processing your payment and there are no penalties for missed

All payments are Tax Deductible and you will be emailed a receipt for each payment you make to the
AAIC Army cause.

You are free to increase, decrease of cancel your payment at any time by notifying GiveNow.

Again we sincerely thank you for making the decision to become an Ambassador in the AAIC Army.

To set up your payment to AAIC, please click one of the links below and complete the form.

While the AAIC Army is geared towards small affordable ongoing donations from our Ambassadors
to help sustain our programs on an ongoing basis, we are aware that some people would prefer to
make a once only donation. To do this select “Annual Donation” and set the “End Date” for a weeks’
time. In this way only the one payment will be made.

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