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480 Gold Coast high school students to be educated about the incredible dangers of the drug Ice

21 August 2018

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA: A community event run by Christian Biker Ministry, Chariots of Light in support of Ice awareness raised $4,800 which will directly fund an education programme for 480 Gold Coast high school students about the incredible dangers of the methamphetamine drug, Ice.

“Earlier this year, I was presented with alarming figures showing Ice use in Australia, particularly among Gold Coast youths, growing at an alarming rate,” comments Pastor Tony Walter-Girout, Chariots of Light President. “I decided to team up with the Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) to raise awareness about the incredible dangers of Ice and help roll out their education programmes in Gold Coast high schools which equips students with all the information needed to make the right decision if ever faced with the drug.”

AAIC is an unfunded, not-for-profit charity set up by Andre’a Simmons, a successful business woman and mother of two who has successfully recovered from an Ice addiction. Knowing firsthand just how fast the drug can lead to a downward spiral of Ice hell, Andre’a now works with other people who have recovered from Ice addiction to deliver education workshops in high schools, sharing real-life experiences to actively deter students from experimenting with the drug. AAIC workshops are receiving a phenomenal response from high schools across Australia and new requests continue to come in.

“A 2015 Ice Taskforce report showed in the three years between 2010 and 2013, the number of Australians males aged 14 to 19 using Ice nearly doubled, clearly something needs to be done to educate our youth and stop Ice use from reaching epidemic levels,” states Andre’a Simmons, Founder and CEO at AAIC. “The $4,800 raised by Chariots of Light will allow us to offer training to 480 Gold Coast students with no additional costs to the high school.”

Additionally, Chariots of Light have committed $200 per month allowing AAIC to provide this training to a further 20 students each month.

“I challenge all Gold Coast businesses to come onboard and support AAIC,” states Pastor Walter-Girout. “Donate or sponsor your local high school – I truly believe education is our best defence to stop Ice from stealing our Gold Coast kids.”

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