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In todays episode we talk to CEO of the Room Xchange and how they are helping Australia's bushfire victims - also their services across the world. A discussion with wonderful writer Rhonda Valentine Dixon about her writing journey. Kerry Hort Rowe with her programs for youth and young women across Australia. Our final guest today is Andre's Simmons from the Australian Anti Ice Campaign. All about the drug ICE, how her organisation helps, what you can do to help and the NOT EVEN ONCE campaign.

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WIN News Cairns: Walk Against Ice

Dozens of Cairns locals sacrificed their Sunday sleep in, for our city's first Walk Against Ice.

The community event raising awareness of the despicably addictive and destructive drug, which affects on average one in every 70 Australians.

Today Tonight: The Perth father and daughter, teaming up in the war against meth.

Coffs Coast Advocate: ‘I lost everything’

Reformed ice addict’s warning to youth
3rd September 2019. A former finance worker has revealed the devastating details of his spiral into addiction and hopes it will encourage youth to avoid the drug.

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The Community Ice Action Team, made up of Jose and five other reformed addicts, has been launched on the Coffs Coast. CEO of the Australian Anti-Ice Campaign Andre’a Simmons visited Coffs Harbour for the launch. Photo: Kyle Hands MediaThe Community Ice Action Team, made up of Jose and five other reformed addicts, has been launched on the Coffs Coast. CEO of the Australian Anti-Ice Campaign Andre’a Simmons visited Coffs Harbour for the launch. Photo: Kyle Hands Media

AFTER 13-years of ice addiction Jose Porcia had lost everything.

He had become homeless between stints in jail, committing petty crimes to support his addiction - a long fall from grace for the university-educated former finance worker.

Jose said it was back in 2003 when he had a thriving career in Sydney that a friend had first offered him the drug.

The selling point was that is was the drug for "successful people", something the friend claimed would boost the then 33-year-old's creativity and performance at work.

But his spiral into addiction was quick, and within two weeks Jose said he was chasing down a dealer.

"My career was taken away from me because I tried the drug once. All my education and everything I had learned didn't matter anymore," Jose said.

"It took everything away from me one by one, including my family.

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Coffs Harbour Team Training

2nd September 2019

Last week the head of AAIC Andrea Simmons along with our Care Team Coordinator Leeanne Butcher went to Coffs Harbour to train a new set of presenters that will engage with schools, prisons and the community on the North Coast of NSW.

These presenters are all former ICE addicts with lived in experience and know all about the true dangers and consequences of trying ICE even once. Over the course of the week they were trained in Dual Diagnosis and AAICs evidence-based practice presentation. Next they will be partnered with a more senior presenter to ensure they are fully trained and prepared to bring awareness and education to the community about the dangers of ICE.

It is the hope of both AAIC and the presenters that others do not succumb to dangers of ICE and experience the same torment that they have been through and the effects it has on themselves and those around them. We hope that with this new addition of presenters to the North Coast we will be able to have an impact within the community in reducing/eliminating the usage of ICE and helping those who are currently recovering or still suffering from addiction by providing support and awareness.

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NBN News


Prime7 Snapshot

PRIME7 News North Coast | Team training


Rotary Club of Surfers Sunrise

30th August 2019

Photo (from left): Harold Bush (Rotary Club of Broadbeach), Leeanne Butcher, Andrea Simmons, Adrian Crowe.Picture this: a young, vivacious, successful woman, with a successful business, a loving family. Andrea Simmons outlined in vivid detail how she was partaking in a bit of a knees-up at a swank hotel in town. Lots of good company, banter, laughter. Somebody suggests to her “take a puff of this, it isn’t going to hurt you…” and – literally – her world of success and love goes up in the proverbial puff of smoke.  A rapid descent into addiction, psychosis and other major health issues, her wealth destroyed. “I spent as much as $500 a day” she explained, “and I didn’t know any way I could get out”.
That is just one case. Do you know that every day, on average some 27 young people become addicted to “Ice” (Crystal Methamphetamines)? Do you know the method on how to make Ice is in plain sight on the Internet?” Only some 2% come out at the other side; if successful, the withdrawal period is an excruciating 18 months. The Australian market is totally flooded with the stuff: wastewater sampling tests show an increase of as much as 480% in the six years to 2016 and it has gone worse since then. Do you know that kids as young as 12 years old are given “free samples” and then, when they inevitably become addicted, are offered a “franchise distribution”? Do you know that availability is easy? Andrea outlined an instance where, when visiting the Gold Coast, she obtained a “pipe” with great ease, just asking for it.

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Ice addict teen - A Current Affair

Like too many parents around the country, the mum you're about to meet is desperate. Andre'a Simmons speaks out on A Current Affair.

Watch on 9Now: Click Here


Interview with Andre'a on The Platform TV

7 News Adelaide: Former ice addict turns life around

ABC Radio Adelaide Drive

abc radio adelaide

Andre'a Simmons speaks on the ABC Radio Adelaide Drive show hosted by Jules Schiller.

Audio provided by ABC Radio Adelaide

How I beat my ice addiction and got my family back!

Featured in Womens Day Magazine

Aussie mum Andre'a Simmons had never even tried drugs - then she got hooked on ice...

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Reformed Addicts To Shock Kids With Truth About Drugs

Up to 10,000 school students in Adelaide's northern suburbs will be the first to learn of the dangers of the addictive drug ice through a new program run by reformed addicts.

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Alan Hickey - FIVEaa Adelaide Radio

Alan Hickey was joined in the studio by Michael Alder (SA State Manager - Australian Anti Ice Network) and James Watson (Workshop Presenter) who shared their stories of ice addiction.

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Viva! Magazine - Putting the freeze on ICE

The Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) was formed by Gold Coast mum and former ice addict, Andre’a Simmons in order to raise awareness and educate the public as to the incredible dangers of the drug Ice, or Crystal Methamphetamine. The core message is “Not Even Once”. The core objective is “Putting the Freeze on Ice”

The winner of the 2017 VSA Gold Coast Community Organisation of the Year, AAIC is led by mum and former Ice addict, Andre’a Simmons. Andre’a, who owned and operated several successful businesses throughout her life, achieved a major milestone by age 21, becoming a millionaire.

After having a life changing experience and losing everything, including almost her life to the drug Ice, Andre’a began devoting her life to the needs of those suffering from Ice addiction. This passion led her to begin educating others on the dangers and effects of the drug. 

Over the past year, Andre’a has traveled the country to liaise and train service providers and to act as a referral point for addicts and families in need

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How God snatched an ice addict from hell


Andre’a Simmons was two years into an ice addiction that had robbed her of everything – her life, her mind, her family, her finances and her health – when God snatched her from a living hell.

“I said ‘you rescued me, Lord.’ He said ‘No, I snatched you!’ I’m still in awe of how people later said to me ‘that’s a biblical word,’” says Andre’a of the day God pinned her to the ground in front of an abandoned church and told her to get up and go home.


Real Faith Radio interview with Andrea Simmons

Andrea Simmons was a successful businesswoman and devoted mother when she nearly lost everything after she became addicted to Ice, also know as Crystal Methamphetamine.

How did it all go so wrong and how did her life finally turn around? Listen to our interview here.

Audio provided by Real Faith radio -

480 Gold Coast high school students to be educated about the incredible dangers of the drug Ice

21 August 2018

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA: A community event run by Christian Biker Ministry, Chariots of Light in support of Ice awareness raised $4,800 which will directly fund an education programme for 480 Gold Coast high school students about the incredible dangers of the methamphetamine drug, Ice.

“Earlier this year, I was presented with alarming figures showing Ice use in Australia, particularly among Gold Coast youths, growing at an alarming rate,” comments Pastor Tony Walter-Girout, Chariots of Light President. “I decided to team up with the Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) to raise awareness about the incredible dangers of Ice and help roll out their education programmes in Gold Coast high schools which equips students with all the information needed to make the right decision if ever faced with the drug.”

AAIC is an unfunded, not-for-profit charity set up by Andre’a Simmons, a successful business woman and mother of two who has successfully recovered from an Ice addiction. Knowing firsthand just how fast the drug can lead to a downward spiral of Ice hell, Andre’a now works with other people who have recovered from Ice addiction to deliver education workshops in high schools, sharing real-life experiences to actively deter students from experimenting with the drug. AAIC workshops are receiving a phenomenal response from high schools across Australia and new requests continue to come in.

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Thousands of Australians turning up to work on methamphetamines


Thousands of Australians are turning up to work under the influence of methamphetamines, according to a new report from South Australia's peak business lobby.

SafeWork Laboratories forensic toxicologist Andrew Leibie — who worked on the report — said almost a quarter of a million Australians were high on ice at work "on any given day".

Mr Leibie said the number of workers testing positive nationally increased from 1.5 per cent in 2016 to 1.9 per cent in 2017, equating to some 240,000 workers and 18,500 in South Australia.

The report also found about 5,000 people in South Australia working in safety sensitive industries — 2.2 per cent of workers — were "either under the influence of ice or suffering its hangover effects".

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The Star: Ice education breaks through


THE Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) presented its first Victorian workshop at the Chairo Christian School last Thursday, to students in years 7 to 10.

The workshop was funded by the Leongatha and District Community Foundation and chair Rob Bacon said it was important topic for young people.

“We were hoping all the secondary schools in the town would run the program,” he said.

So far, Chairo was the only school to take on the program, however Mr Bacon said another was keen to hold a workshop in term three.

The workshop was delivered by people who have successfully rehabilitated from an ice addiction.

The presenters graphically conveyed the harsh reality of ice addiction and were uniquely positioned to break through peer influence with total honesty from personal experience.

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Michael Alders and Andrea Simmons speak with ABC Radio Adelaide

Michael Alders and Andrea Simmons speak with Peter Goers on ABC Radio Adelaide about their battle with Ice and the services of the Australian Anti Ice Campaign.

Audio provided by ABC Radio Adelaide -

Andre’a Simmons interview with Kent Bailey from 4CRB

Andre’a Simmons the director of The Australian Anti Ice Campaign interview with Kent Bailey from 4CRB on the Ice Epidemic in our nation and what AAIC are doing to help.

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