Wow! The presentation to Year 11 was excellent and very effective. Mike and Mel were genuine and engaging and certainly held the attention of everyone there. Added to this, the boys in the band were great – so very talented. I'm going to get further feedback from some of the students but I am predicting it to be very positive. There is no doubt that the message was clear and confronting but it needed to be.

So this brings me to me next question. I would very much like Year 12 to see the presentation prior to them leaving, particularly as 'Schoolies' is just around the corner. Problem is, they finish school on the 21 September. Is there any chance of a return visit on either Monday 19 or Tuesday 20? I completely understand that it probably can't happen but if it could, it would be excellent. Also, for next term, I'd like to book in presentations for Yr 9 and Yr 10. Again I understand that you may be booked out but if you give the OK, I can send in a number of dates for each grade. Again Stephanie, please pass on my congratulations to the team for a job well done.

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