Year 11 into 12 students witnessed a highly beneficial program “Put the Freeze on Ice” presented by the AAIC (Australian Anti-Ice Campaign). Overall this program was extremely valuable and I would like to advocate for the additional running of this program for this for the Junior grades and the 2017 seniors. In this program we were provided with information equipping us with knowledge – unknown to many of the students present – about the dangers and risks associated with the specific use of Ice and other drugs.

I know I was not the only student who saw this program as beneficial which lead me to thinking. How often is it that a program comes along in which nearly every ear in the room was engaged giving entire attention to the presenter, has students informing absent students how much they missed out and students saying how much grade 9 and other students need to see this presentation?

One of the key facts presented was as follows, 29 young people pick up Ice each day with a single encounter standardly leading to an addiction. Statistics shown only 2% of users walk away from this drug a survivor. This should be a wakeup call – that education and other programs need to be implemented for young people in the school, going further then the Board of Studies ‘dot points’.

Action must be taken further than just grade 11 students. I believe having “Put the Freeze on Ice” presented by the AAIC for other grades in the school is a great start.

I completely understand everything costs money and funding can only be spread so far therefore; I would like to express my gratitude for the program running at Tweed River High School last week as well as the contribution by the school and community made, to ensure it happened. I highly believe however, that there is a need for more education and more support.

I would be interested in talking further with the Executive Council and Welfare team further on this topic and opportunities for fundraising so as a whole school community we can take action against this epidemic.

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