Help Us Put The Freeze On Ice

"I cannot thank the AAIC enough for being there for our young people and staff. Educating and supporting to spread the message of the dangers of ICE." - Chris Gray, School-based Youth Health Nurse.

Thank you so much for making the decision to support the Australian Anti Ice Campaign with a Tax Deductible Donation towards Putting the Freeze on Ice in our nation.

For every $10 donated, we are able to provide this program to one more Australian teenager.

Teaches 3 children about the devastating reality of ice.

Allows us to continue providing life-saving support to families devastated by ice.

Protects a classroom from this poisonous drug.

Covers the cost of delivering our life saving workshop to 60 children.

Student will be given the knowledge and the tools to be able to say "No - Not Even Once" when they are almost inevitably offered this insidiously destructive and highly addictive drug Ice.

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