The Knights of Gallipoli ANZAC Framed

 anzacs knights 1


The Knights of Gallipoli, men from all backgrounds and classes from the newly federated Australia created the essence of what it means to be Australian – courage under fire, grace under pressure, giving a hand to a mate. Their goal was freedom for the land they loved. It is a legend not of sweeoing military victories but of triumphs against the odds, of courage and ingenuity in adversity. It is a legend of free and independent spirits whose discipline derived less from military formalities and customs than from the bonds of mateship and the demands of necessity. But the Spirit of ANZAC is not confined to the battlefield. It lives in the schools, on sports fields and indeed all over our great country. The deeds of the soldiers and their sacrifices gave us the invincible, the intangible, the Spirit of ANZAC. In out time and for all time we will remember them.

  • Accompanied with a certificate of authenticity
  • picture 74 cm wide x 81 cm tall beautifully framed 
  • Limited in edition to 2000 only
  • We have authenticity certificate
  • $5.00 a ticket
  • Only 300 tickets available
  • Raffle drawn on October 24th at W & VMC the Bunker 132 Meakin rd Kingston Qld @ 8pm