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\n\tStudent Testimonials<\/h1>\n\n\n\n\n\n\t\t\t\t\t\t\t
  • \"The seminar provided an understanding of the issue that made sense of its importance.\"<\/li>\r\n
  • \"I personally enjoyed the workshop as it felt very real. The people running it were former addicts.\"<\/li>\r\n
  • \"Highly recommended for next year's Year 10s\"<\/li>\r\n
  • \"It was scary!\"<\/li>\r\n
  • \"I learned that ice is made from household products like battery acid\"<\/li>\r\n
  • \"The message was from the heart.\"<\/li>\r\n
  • \"I was interested and shocked to find out some of the ingredients of ice. But I also found it really helpful and necessary, especially hearing from people that have experience with it.\"<\/li>\r\n
  • \"I was impressed with how honest and real the speakers were. I feel like people with real experience have a greater effect on me 'saying no' to drugs.\"<\/li>\r\n
  • \"Ice is addictive! You get a high the first time but after that its not so fun.\"<\/li>\r\n
  • \"I've learned more about how to help people who may be affected by ice.\"<\/li>\r\n<\/ul> \n\n\n
    • \"The anti-ice campaign was extremely helpful and taught me a lot about ice I wasn\u2019t aware of. The presenters communicated the message clearly and I think it really put a perspective on how bad the drug is and how common it is in our lifestyles.\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"The presentation was interesting and educational. I learnt a lot and was surprised by many things. The presenter was interactive with the audience. Maddison Straton TRHS\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"It was effective in educating us about ice and told us how it affected his life and listening to him makes us think twice about drugs.\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"It was very educational. Not only about how bad the drug ice is but how it impacts on one\u2019s family and friends.\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"I found Michelle was amazing. We had a chat after the talk and she helped me out with a few things. I learnt a lot about ice that I didn\u2019t know and found it was very interesting. Loved the way she spoke to us. Sarah McRae Yr 12 2016\/2017 TRHS\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"I was very touched by the whole presentation. I found it very amazing how someone could turn their life around. I think this program should run in all schools to educate all year groups on the dangers of doing illicit drugs. I found it very informative. Vanessa Smallwood TRHS\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"I think that this program was really beneficial for the young people of this generation because of how much they are into having parties and doing drugs. It informs us what is in it this might help people understand what they would be putting into their body by using this drug. Also by the effect of having it once is really important. I like that the presenters were once users\u2026. This gives it reality and how ordinary people can fall under the addiction. Chloe Ardill TRHS.\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"Excellent program with strong messages\u2026. Very connected.\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"Program 10\/10. Excellent and thank you.\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"Confronting\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"I think this program was great. I do believe by having ex-ice addicts present and share their story certainly made it more real. I think kids in younger years need to see this as the age people start taking drugs is getting younger and younger. Our youth are making bad decisions and need to be informed to prevent any harm to them. I am grateful to have had this opportunity and I applaud them for starting this program. Thank you. Emily Atkinson TRHS.\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"I was on SRC amp during this program but when I returned I was involved in many conversations with other students regarding how good the presentation was. Many students said they found the program very eye-opening and surreal as the presenters were ex- users. I wish I had the opportunity to see this program and that younger grades such as yr 9 and 10 get the chance to see it and hear it. Tarryn Aiken TRHS\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"The AAIC was valuable to me because before the presentation I had no idea what it was made from or how common it is or how easy it is to get. Now I do. Thank you to the AAIC. Mekayla.\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"I had no idea or knowledge about this drug before the presentation. All students should be presented with this information at our school to keep them safe from the harms of this drug. Drew\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"The campaign clearly addressed the harmful impacts that ICE has, not just on an individual but the family. It showed us the harmful things it is made from and I respect the presenters for sharing their story. It made it very meaningful. Scott.\"<\/li>\r\n
    • \"It was one of the better drug programs as you learnt more about what the drug does to your body with the presenters being genuine in sharing their personal experience.\"<\/li>\r\n<\/ul> \n\n\n
      • \"The feedback from our Year 12 boys was that they found it very insightful, incredibly inspiring (in terms of those who have overcome their addiction) and very informative. It was certainly time well spent.\"<\/li>\r\n<\/ul> \n\n\n