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Wolston prison

Afternoon Mike,

Once again, thank you so much for today.

You are truly a passionate, inspirational and professional presenter. The feedback I have had from staff has been excellent, with several people stating that it’s the best staff training day they have ever attended!!!!

Knowing what a tough group correctional officers can be, you should be very proud about this feedback, it’s wonderful!!!!

As you know, my Deputy General Manager was in attendance during the afternoon session. He was extremely impressed and is going to write an email of thanks and support, which will hopefully assist in your quest to take the AAIC into every high school in Australia.

Thank you again Mike, hopefully we will work together again in the future and I may be lucky enough to meet your mum J


Lynne McNairn

Violence Prevention Coordinator
Queensland Corrective Services
Department of Justice and Attorney-General │ Queensland Government

Teeed River High

In 2016 your representatives came to our school. Your program was so powerful that I have had teacher's ask me if I was going to organise this presentation again this year.

10 Yr 11 students (2 groups) as last year.

Please provide information regarding costs.

Term 4 - Dates to be considered according to your availability.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Bronwyn

Tweed River High School

TEACHER'S Comments/summary: An excellent, very worthwhile presentation. Students have continued to speak about the program and made comment about the fact that the presenters were ex-users. The presenters gained credibility with the students through the sharing of their story. Engaging, well presented information including factual information. Well organised in their approach. Thank you for Advocating for our Youth. This needs to be a program that is delivered each year to our student body. Bronwyn Mackney

Lindisfarn Anglican College

Wow! The presentation to Year 11 was excellent and very effective. Mike and Mel were genuine and engaging and certainly held the attention of everyone there. Added to this, the boys in the band were great – so very talented. I'm going to get further feedback from some of the students but I am predicting it to be very positive. There is no doubt that the message was clear and confronting but it needed to be.

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Gold Coast Christian College

AAIC brought a powerful message through their well thought-out program. All students (Year 7-12) were able to not only see the effects of this dangerous life-taking drug through the informative multimedia presentation, they heard it first hand from the presenters having lived the nightmare of being ICE addicts themselves. The presenters were able to be real and honest about their tragic journey, which made a greater impact when the main message, 'NOT EVEN ONCE' was constantly reinforced. This same message was strongly continued with the post-presentation activities, such as sport with Kevin Campion and the musicians from VIBE. This enabled the students to continue the conversation in a less formal way. I applaud Andrea and the AAIC team from getting this important message out there effectively to the young people, so they know never to try ICE, 'NOT EVEN ONCE!'

The Southport School

The feedback from our Year 12 boys was that they found it very insightful, incredibly inspiring (in terms of those who have overcome their addiction) and very informative. It was certainly time well spent.

Student/Teacher reflection/evaluation

  • The anti-ice campaign was extremely helpful and taught me a lot about ice I wasn’t aware of. The presenters communicated the message clearly and I think it really put a perspective on how bad the drug is and how common it is in our lifestyles.
  • The presentation was interesting and educational. I learnt a lot and was surprised by many things. The presenter was interactive with the audience. Maddison Straton TRHS

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Anna Wood

Year 11 into 12 students witnessed a highly beneficial program “Put the Freeze on Ice” presented by the AAIC (Australian Anti-Ice Campaign). Overall this program was extremely valuable and I would like to advocate for the additional running of this program for this for the Junior grades and the 2017 seniors. In this program we were provided with information equipping us with knowledge – unknown to many of the students present – about the dangers and risks associated with the specific use of Ice and other drugs.

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In 2 Bat for those in need

As the President and Founder of “In 2 Bat” for those in need, I am very proud and happy to be associated with the dedicated and professional team at AAIC. The work they do in educating children and their families on the severe dangers and life threatening reactions to this evil drug is outstanding.

Gold Coast Youth Justice

Some of our Caseworkers mentioned it may be beneficial to highlight earlier in the presentation the reasons why young people may use Ice (masking emotional pain, avoiding problems etc). All staff felt that having facilitators with real world experience in both using and recovering from Ice use was great in regards to connecting with the young people in an authentic way and assisting with the delivery of the content.

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