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A more detailed overview of the services provided as part of the AAIC National Ice Action Strategy can be viewed under the ABOUT US tab. In short, however, the AAIC strategy involves the provision of a number of services, namely:

  • Generating mass media and social media to educate the public about the incredible dangers of trying Ice and to reinforce the NOT EVEN ONCE message.
  • Community Forums to gather together all Detox, Rehab and other support services within the region, and develop efficient processes for the referral of people struggling with addiction, and their families, to these support services.
  • Offering training through our strategic partner, the Optimal Health Group, to equip AAIC Ambassadors in schools, sports clubs and workplaces, to conduct a brief and early intervention with a person who is trying to break the cycle of addiction. This training will also be made available to existing support service workers within the community.
  • Where Detox and Rehab facilities are not available or not immediately available in any particular region, to facilitate the establishment of a Community Rehab Tripod to assist people wishing to break the cycle of addiction. This tripod involves a Buddy, who will assist in connecting people to existing Counselling and Group Therapy to assist people until a placement in a formal Rehab becomes available.
  • To provide an affordable Online Family Support Service, managed by the Optimal Health Group, for people who have a family member or friend suffering from addiction.
  • Education Workshops to be conducted in schools, clubs and workplaces. With the schools component to include follow up role play activities and participation in a national art competition with a Not Even Once theme.
  • To provide links to all national support helplines and support services within each local government area across Australia.
  • Youth Engagement Events featuring music, sports and art activities.
  • An online shop for supporters to purchase AAIC merchandise and other products from selected AAIC sponsors.

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