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Brief Intervention Training and Support Program (B.I.T.S)

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1. What is the Australian Anti-Ice Campaign?

The Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) is a Not-For-Profit Charity that is dedicated to raising awareness amongst the Australian community, especially our youth, as to the incredible dangers of using Ice. We also assist people into, through and post recovery and families struggling with a loved one using Ice.

The diagram below describes AAIC's core "products" - Ice Education Workshops and Brief and Early Intervention. We aim to equip people from all walks of life, including people from schools, clubs and workplaces to be able to conduct a Brief Intervention with someone within their community who may be struggling with Ice addiction.

2. The AAIC Brief Intervention Training and Support (B.I.T.S) Program

The AAIC Brief Intervention Training and Support (B.I.T.S) Program firstly aims to equip people with the ability to:

  • Identify someone within their community who may be struggling with Ice addiction, or who is in the early stages of using Ice;
  • To conduct an intervention with this person and help them weigh up the costs and benefits of their addiction; and
  • To refer them to an AAIC Lived Experience Buddy who will guide them and create pathways into recovery.

In order to become an AAIC B.I.T.S. Ambassador, a person needs to undertake the steps set out in the table below.


Step Name

Task Description


Registering for the program.

Any person wanting to be a part of the solution to the scourge of Ice use among Australians, in particular our youth, can register to become an AAIC B.I.T.S. Ambassador by clicking here.


Brief Intervention Training

Successful applicants are then required to undertake specific Brief Intervention Training. This training is delivered online through our valued partner, George Patriki, Founder and CEO of Optimal Health Group by clicking here.

The two hour online training course – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Intervention (S.A.M.H.I.) provides participants with an understanding of a number of key concepts to equip them to help effected individuals within their community. The key concepts covered include:

  • The Integrative Holistic Model - the basic underlying framework for all our interactions with people struggling with addiction.
  • The Cycle of Addiction – factors that lead to addiction and keep a person trapped in addiction.
  • The Stages of Change – recognising when a person is contemplating change.
  • Brief Intervention – Helping a person who is contemplating change weigh up the costs versus the benefits of their addiction.
  • The Tripod of Support for a person seeking to enter into recovery or for a person coming out of rehab and trying to reintegrate into society.

There is a $45 once only cost to undertake this training, 100% of which is generously donated to AAIC by Optimal Health Group to help with the costs of administering the B.I.T.S. Program.


Connecting you with AAIC

Once you have undertaken this training, our I.T. Department will establish you as a contact on AAIC's Google based communication system through which we can keep you updated on developments within AAIC and you can contact us directly for help whenever required.

You will be AAIC's direct connection within your school, club, church, or workplace community.


Access to Support from an AAIC Lived Experience Buddy

The most significant key to AAIC's success in helping people addicted to Ice to make the decision to seek recovery, is through providing a Lived Experience Buddy – someone who has been through Ice addiction and has successfully come out the other end of this living hell.

These Lived Experience Buddies are able to connect with someone using Ice in a way that is not possible for someone without that lived experience.

Perhaps most importantly, Lived Experience Buddies are able to show a person that there is hope – a light at the end of the tunnel and out of the entrapment that many  people addicted to Ice feel there is no way out of.


We do not ask our B.I.T.S. Ambassadors to do the often hard yards of convincing a person using Ice to step into recovery. Rather, you will be another set of eyes and ears for AAIC in your particular community or circle of influence. Once there is a glimmer of hope, you then call in a Lived Experience Buddy to take the person through the critical stage of believing that change is possible and showing them a pathway into recovery.

If you want to be a part of the solution to this epidemic sweeping our nation, then please complete the Registration Form below.

Thank you so much for caring and wanting to help. Together, in unity, we truly believe that we can Put the Freeze on Ice in this Nation.


Register for SAMHI Brief Intervention Training

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