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The Star: Ice education breaks through

By Sarah Vella

THE Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) presented its first Victorian workshop at the Chairo Christian School last Thursday, to students in years 7 to 10.

The workshop was funded by the Leongatha and District Community Foundation and chair Rob Bacon said it was important topic for young people.

“We were hoping all the secondary schools in the town would run the program,” he said.

So far, Chairo was the only school to take on the program, however Mr Bacon said another was keen to hold a workshop in term three.

The workshop was delivered by people who have successfully rehabilitated from an ice addiction.

The presenters graphically conveyed the harsh reality of ice addiction and were uniquely positioned to break through peer influence with total honesty from personal experience.

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Real Faith Radio interview with Andrea Simmons

Andrea Simmons was a successful businesswoman and devoted mother when she nearly lost everything after she became addicted to Ice, also know as Crystal Methamphetamine.

How did it all go so wrong and how did her life finally turn around? Listen to our interview here.

Audio provided by Real Faith radio -

How God snatched an ice addict from hell

Andre’a Simmons was two years into an ice addiction that had robbed her of everything – her life, her mind, her family, her finances and her health – when God snatched her from a living hell.

“I said ‘you rescued me, Lord.’ He said ‘No, I snatched you!’ I’m still in awe of how people later said to me ‘that’s a biblical word,’” says Andre’a of the day God pinned her to the ground in front of an abandoned church and told her to get up and go home.


Thousands of Australians turning up to work on methamphetamines

Thousands of Australians are turning up to work under the influence of methamphetamines, according to a new report from South Australia's peak business lobby.

SafeWork Laboratories forensic toxicologist Andrew Leibie — who worked on the report — said almost a quarter of a million Australians were high on ice at work "on any given day".

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Andrea and Glenn chat with Murray Jones from 4CA

This morning I had an opportunity to hear from Glenn Ivers, the Operations Manager for the Australian Anti Ice Campaign, about the impact ice is having on our youth. I also spoke to Andre'a Simmons about her descent into hell - becoming addicted to ice

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Michael Alders and Andrea Simmons speak with ABC Radio Adelaide

Michael Alders and Andrea Simmons speak with Peter Goers on ABC Radio Adelaide about their battle with Ice and the services of the Australian Anti Ice Campaign.

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Andre’a Simmons interview with Kent Bailey from 4CRB

Andre’a Simmons the director of The Australian Anti Ice Campaign interview with Kent Bailey from 4CRB on the Ice Epidemic in our nation and what AAIC are doing to help.  Click Here To Play

ICE possession on the Coast have skyrocketed by 250 per cent

A Gold Coast mother is using her ordeal with ice addiction .. to stop young people getting hooked on the drug. It comes as new figures reveal arrests for ICE possession on the Coast have skyrocketed by 250 per cent.


One Woman's Fight Against Ice


Reformed addict dedicated to helping end Australia’s ice epidemic

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Andrea Simmons got her life back after a two-year drug addiction. Picture: Andrea Simmons

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Andrea Simmons former ice addict shares story


Try It - It Will Help You Relax



SunRise - In the grip of ice

How to become an Ice Addict at 40

EXCLUSIVE: 'I became an ice addict at 40': How a successful businesswoman and loving mother became helplessly addicted to meth... and her warning that no one is immune to its deadly allure

  • Andrea Simmons had a 'perfect life' until she tried ice for the first time
  • She left husband and kids, sold everything and descended into 'drug hell'
  • After two years, she was $75,000 in debt and only had $76 for plane ticket
  • She flew home to her mother on the Gold Coast and began getting straight
  • Now clean for three years, the 45-year-old is working to help other addicts
  • She started Australian Anti Ice Campaign and runs courses in schools

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