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Interview with Andre'a and Col Lawson on StarFM


Col Lawson and Andrea' Simmons speaks on StarFM Cairns morning show.

Audio provided by Star 102.7 Cairns


Interview with Andre'a on The Platform TV

7 News Adelaide: Former ice addict turns life around

ABC Radio Adelaide Drive

abc adelaide

Andre'a Simmons speaks on the ABC Radio Adelaide Drive show hosted by Jules Schiller.

Audio provided by ABC Radio Adelaide

How I beat my ice addiction and got my family back!

Featured in Womens Day Magazine

Aussie mum Andre'a Simmons had never even tried drugs - then she got hooked on ice...

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Reformed Addicts To Shock Kids With Truth About Drugs

Up to 10,000 school students in Adelaide's northern suburbs will be the first to learn of the dangers of the addictive drug ice through a new program run by reformed addicts.

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Alan Hickey - FIVEaa Adelaide Radio

Alan Hickey was joined in the studio by Michael Alder (SA State Manager - Australian Anti Ice Network) and James Watson (Workshop Presenter) who shared their stories of ice addiction.

David & Will - FIVEaa Adelaide Radio

David and Will talk with Andre'a Simmons about Ice education in Adelaide.

Listen to David and Will podcast - 15 November 2018 segment starting at 1:10:20.






Viva! Magazine - Putting the freeze on ICE

The Australian Anti Ice Campaign (AAIC) was formed by Gold Coast mum and former ice addict, Andre’a Simmons in order to raise awareness and educate the public as to the incredible dangers of the drug Ice, or Crystal Methamphetamine. The core message is “Not Even Once”. The core objective is “Putting the Freeze on Ice”

The winner of the 2017 VSA Gold Coast Community Organisation of the Year, AAIC is led by mum and former Ice addict, Andre’a Simmons. Andre’a, who owned and operated several successful businesses throughout her life, achieved a major milestone by age 21, becoming a millionaire.

After having a life changing experience and losing everything, including almost her life to the drug Ice, Andre’a began devoting her life to the needs of those suffering from Ice addiction. This passion led her to begin educating others on the dangers and effects of the drug. 

Over the past year, Andre’a has traveled the country to liaise and train service providers and to act as a referral point for addicts and families in need

Read the full article (pdf)

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