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Help AAIC (Australian Anti Ice Campaign) Educate and Raise Awareness of the dangers associated with the drug ICE in local Australian communities. When you make a purchase from the AAIC on-line shop your are helping them fight the good fight against Ice. 

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Meth/ICE Surface Test Kit

2x Meth/ICE Surface Tests.
Ideal for Houses Units Cars Boats Caravans & Personal Belongings.


Hwy Destruction CD

Hwy destruction: A collection of songs written and sung by Andre'a Simmons about the Highway to destruction from drug use. Proceeds goes towards educating youth on the dangers of the drug ICE that is destroying lives and loved ones.


Marked By Mercy

From a very young age, Mark Johnston grew up around pubs, parties, drunks, drug addicts and criminals. He was a victim of physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse. By the age of 19 Mark had attempted suicide numerous times and was put into seven drug-induced comas, self mutilated, planned on murdering other people, and was an extremely violent individual that detested life.


Arborvitae Cognitive Function, Memory and Eye Health

A daily supplement that through regular use helps with the cognitive function, attention and performance in everyday activities, and may improve mental performance in healthy adults.


AAIC Logo - Not Even Once - T-shirt

AAIC national promotion T-Shirts - NEO - NOT EVEN ONCE on the front and the AAIC logo on the back. Help get the AAIC message out, DO NOT try Ice, not even once.


NEO - Not Even Once - T-shirt

AAIC national promotion T-Shirts - NEO - NOT EVEN ONCE. Help get the AAIC message out, DO NOT try ICE, not even once.


Don't Meth With Meth - T-shirt

Don't METH with METH T-Shirt - Help get the AAIC message out, that Methamphetamine (Ice) is not to be messed with.


AAIC Wrist Bands

Wristbands available in small or large sizes to suit children or adults.


Journey of Lessons - Lucy

A novel about a struggling teenager who finds herself in an unfamiliar place and time, learning on the journey, valuable life changing lessons.


Power of Surrender

A novel about the adventure of a woman who finds herself in the unlikely role of rescuer and the vessel used to share God's love.