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S.A.M.H.I. Chemically Speaking Two Substance Abuse & Mental Health Interventions (S.A.M.H.I.) Chemically Speaking Two is a 2 hour Brief.. Product #: SAMHI-CS-TWO Regular price: $45.00 $45.00 In Stock

S.A.M.H.I. Chemically Speaking Two

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Substance Abuse & Mental Health Interventions (S.A.M.H.I.) Chemically Speaking Two is a 2 hour Brief Intervention course available online and run by Dual Diagnosis Training.

Chemically Speaking Two is the 2017 upgrade to the original Chemically Speaking produced in 1999 and now provides training in:

1. Substance Abuse & Mental Health (Dual Diagnosis)

2. Integrative Holistic Model

3. Needs & Underlying Issues that drive addictions

4. Grief Cycle & Anger

5. Drink & Drug Driving

6. Cycle of Addiction

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Cannabis
  • Stimulants (Speed, Ice, Ecstasy, Cocaine)

7. Optimal Health

8. Stages of Change

9. Costs vs Benefits – doing a brief intervention.

10. Tripod of Support for the drug user to help them move forward & stay safe.