Family Support Group


AAIC and Optimal Health Group are not able to provide support for crisis situations. If you, or someone with you, is experiencing a crisis please call Lifeline on 13 11 14. If the situation is life threatening, call 000 immediately.

For Family Support advice please call 0481 844 555



Optimal Health Group and AAIC have partnered to offer a new and free family support group. Call 0481 844 555 to book in.

Families are provided with some valuable basic tools to teach them how to help their loved one through the costs vs benefits and to challenge them to work towards treatment as a goal.

They will be given resources that will include a range of treatment and intervention services. If families need further intervention, a resource referral list will be given, that will have further intensive and useful help.

Online Family Support Group

Call 0481 844 555 if you wish to participate.

Places Are Limited.



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NEW - Substance Abuse & Mental Health Interventions - SAMHI Chemically Speaking Two (2 hr Brief Intervention).

This course costs $75 on the platform, however people may receive a 40% ($45 cost) if they purchase the course through AAIC.

Please Click Here to get started.

As you will see Trevor, the link now goes to the page on the AAIC Shop where this product is purchased, not ot the Udemy platform where the current link is directed to.

This program is an introduction and an ideal platform for the comprehensive Dual Diagnosis 2 day (12 hour) advanced SAMHI (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Interventions) Training designed for front line workers that will be released during 2018. This is outlined below.

This program will help you develop the skills to deliver brief and early interventions to people struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. This is part of our wider Community Development Response to ICE & Other Drugs as explained on our other website here;

Chemically Speaking Two is the 2017 upgrade to the original Chemically Speaking produced in 1999 and now provides training in:

  1. Substance Abuse & Mental Health (Dual Diagnosis)
  2. Integrative Holistic Model
  3. Needs & Underlying Issues that drive addictions
  4. Grief Cycle & Anger
  5. Drink & Drug Driving
  6. Cycle of Addiction:
    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco
    • Cannabis
    • Stimulants (Speed, Ice, Ecstasy, Cocaine)
  7. Optimal Health
  8. Stages of Change
  9. Costs vs Benefits – doing a brief intervention.
  10. Tripod of Support for the drug user to help them move forward & stay safe.